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  • Effective Home Remedies For Back Pain

    Effective Home Remedies For Back Pain

    Hello! Here is Adan Siddiqui. Today the topic for discussion is back pain.


    How beautiful our back is designed. It consists of the vertebral column that is curved. It is because if it is straight one then you are unable to bent. Wow! This is Nature that cares you a lot. Have you ever care it??? Today we discuss a pain that is associated with this back. Yes, this is the pain of back usually called back pain or a backache.

    A Backache… is the horrible and troubling condition in which the patient feels discomfort. He is unable to have a good sleep. There is no rhythm in his work. Also, he performed his daily routine activities discontinuously.  This is the pain that leaves no one. Everyone in the world must experience this type of pain. I’m also one of them.

    Effective Home Remedies For Back Pain

    If you are suffering from the pain, followings are the symptoms:

    • Fever
    • Swelling in the back
    • Difficulty during urination
    • Continous back pain
    • Weight loss
    • Pain in the legs and knees
    • Unintentional waste discharge

    Here are the causes of back pain:

    • Strained muscle
    • Lift some object improperly
    • Sciatica
    • Infections
    • Abnormal twisting
    • Stress
    • Scoliosis
    • Herniated discs
    • Obesity
    • Age factor
    • Osteoporosis
    • Malnutrition
    • Shingles
    • Improper sleep
    • Depression
    • Pregnancy
    • Tumors
    • Smoking
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Accident
    • Bone fractures
    • Arthritis

    Effective Home Remedies For Back PainEffective Home Remedies For Back Pain:

    The best treatment of a backache is the use of Home Remedies. So, here is the description of home remedies:


    Water is the main constituent of our body. Many disorders and pain arise due to dehydration. Keep your body hydrated in order to enjoy a healthy life. Intake about the 7-8 glass of water.


    Fish is full of omega 3 fatty acids. It is a  big source of energy. The more energic food you intake more will be the opportunity to cope with the pain. A least eat fish 2 times in a week.


    Green vegetables are full of nutrients. They provide great energy to the body that heals up the pain. So, eat spinach, kale, cabbage etc.


    Eggs are a rich source of energy. They are full of vitamin D. the major protein present in it is the Albumin. Eating eggs warm up your body to deal with the pain. So, intake 2 eggs in per day.

    Carom seeds:

    These are full of Thymol. It is the major product of these seeds. These seeds are fungicides and germicides. People crushed these seeds and mixed with any oil then applied to the affected area of the skin. But the best way eliminate the pain, is to drink its decoction on the daily bases.

    Boil the water and add few seeds of it in the boiling water then boil for some time and drink it.

    Poppyseeds, Milk, and Wheat:

    A large amount of folate is stored in the wheat. Also, It is the rich source of vitamins. Poppyseeds are also full of folate and niacin. Milk is considered the complete diet. It provides a perfect health. The combination of thrice of them fights with the back pain.

    Take 20kg Wheat, soaked it in the water and left it for overnight. In the dawn, add 2 spoons of coriander powder and poppy seeds. In next step, grind all substances together perfectly. Take 250ml milk in a cooking pot then add grinding material to it. Cook it for about 20 minutes. Now, this is ready. Drink lukewarm on the daily bases. It really works for the treating of back pain.

    Sugar and Ginger:

    Sugar is the source of Carbohydrates and energy. On the other hand, ginger contains dietary fibers and also carbohydrates. So, their combined work eliminates the pain.

    Take 200g ginger then peeled off it. Add ginger in the water and boiled at low temperature. Don’t remove the lid in order to keep the steam inside the pot. After this add salt (to taste) and boil. When the ginger turns soft then kept it in the pot that contained sugar and left for one night. Then used in the next day.

    Tragacanth gum:

    It is the very famous gum in order to reduce a backache much. It is the mixture of polysaccharides. It contains soluble fibers. Leguminous plants are its major source. Take 1 glass of lukewarm milk then add 1 spoon of this gum and drink.


    It is full of energy that effects on the pains like a backache. It is the big source of Curcumin. It reduces the inflammation and acts as soothing agent.  Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric in the 1 glass of milk. Then drink it on the daily bases.

    Peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, and coconut oil:

    Peppermint oil is the source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin C + A, and iron.

    Wintergreen oil is the richest source of energy. it contains a high level of calories that helped to reduce the pain much.

    Coconut oil is full of fiber material and Vitamins like vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 are present in it.

    These are essential oils that reduce the back pain.  They are all anti-inflammatory. Some mix all the oil with equal proportion and rub on the affected area. Repeat this on the daily bases.

    Frankincense oil and cypress oil:

    Frankincense oil has soothing effects. It is the best oil in order to deal with the pains.

    Cypress oil is the antimicrobial that fights the infection and reduced the swelling.

    The combination of both of them reduces the swelling much and improves the circulation at the affected area. So, mixed them well with each other, then apply on the back for better results..


    So, it is concluded that back pain is the severe condition that should treat properly. The above-mentioned remedies really make your body pain free. hopefully, this article delivers you a lot.

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  • The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

    The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

    Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. Today we will all discuss The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly.


    Sleep… A wonderful blessing of Nature. When you fall asleep then you are in your own world. There is no one who teases you or pesters you. You did in your sleep what you would like to do. When you get up then you are tension free. You are as free of thought as you are born now. Researchers indicate that man spend about 1/3 life in a sleepy condition. Also, said that the sleep deprivation is more and instantly killing than food deprivation. A normal person will fall into the sleep after 15 minutes after going to bed.

    On the other hand, sleep is the demand of your immune system. The weakness of immune system stimulates you to fall in sleep. During sleep, the immune system gets energy in order to protect the body against the antigens or germs. Your brain relaxes and ready for new thoughts.

    But there are certain cases in which people are unable to fall in sleep. They spend their whole night without sleep. In this way, they are uninterested people. They did work with laziness and gets many diseases. They also become the victim of depression. Melatonin and Serotonin are the chemicals that cause sleep. But maybe they are produced in very less amount in the body of affected peoples. There are 15% of people in the world that walk during sleep.

    The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

    The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly:

    Here is the description of certain food that enhances the sleep of the people that are less sleepy. So, let’s go…

    Dairy articles:

    Calcium is the prominent ingredient in Dairy articles like milk, cheese, yogurt. Also, this stimulates the brain to use up the Tryptophan and make a person fall in sleep. It really does this. These milk and milk products are responsible for the proper activity of body function.


    Fish is the most important food in a human diet. Fish are full of Vitamin B6 and omega 3- fatty acids. Intake of fish causes the formation of Melatonin. It enhances the sleep and reduced your stress level.


    Tryptophan is the sleep-inducing amino acids. They are present in the walnuts. Eating of walnuts stimulates you to fall into a sleep.


    Rice is full of  Glycemic index that promotes the sleep. The people that eat much rice have a good sleep. They are quite healthy. But its digestion depends upon the water.

    Cherry juice:

    The cherry juice is full of nutrients. The person that drink this juice on the daily bases experienced a peaceful sleep. It makes the body to use the Melatonin for better sleep.


    Carbohydrates are the main nutrient of cereals. They really provide you a good health. They also provide strength to immune system because the enhances the sleep very much.

    Chamomile tea:

    It is the tea of Chamomile. The intake of this tea raises the level of glycine. It has sedatives properties which cause the relaxation of your nerves. So, intake this tea for a good sleep.


    Honey is the great gift of Nature that is made up of honey bees. It acts on the beta cells of the pancreas that stimulates the release of insulin. This acts on the Tryptophan and then sleepy you are.

    Green vegetables:

    Green vegetables are full of calcium that stimulates the brain to use up the Tryptophan and make a person fall in sleep. Greater the intake of green vegetables, greater will be the strength of your body.

    Sweet potatoes:

    Potatoes are full Calcium, potassium, and magnesium. They cause the body to undergo a good sleep. They affect the chemicals that cause sleep.


    Vitamin B6 and calcium are abundant in the prunes. It is the second name of health. It is full of nutrient. They are also responsible for your good sleep.


    Bananas stored magnesium and potassium in it. They also the natural cause of release of ethylene that ripened them. Eating bananas not only make you healthy but also induce sleep.


    Eggs provide you great health. They are full of Vitamin D that stimulate the hormone which induces the sleep. Hence they are also a good source of getting sleep.


    So, it is concluded that bad sleep is nothing but a way to stress, tension, and unwanted thoughts. So, follow all above remedies to get a proper sleep. if your sleep is happy then your body is happy. This means that you are happy. Hopefully, you like it.

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  • The Home Remedies For Acne

    The Home Remedies For Acne

    Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. Today we discuss The Home Remedies For Acne.


    Skin is the most attractive part of our body. Especially, the facial skin is the sensitive organ. Everyone wants to make their skin as beautiful as they demand. It is their first priority to look charming.

    When the skin bears dark spots and pimples then this problem of the skin referred as acne. It has no side effects but leaves scars on the skin. They are not healed soon but takes time. When hormonal changes occurred in the body then acne occurred. Our skin consists of glands. One of them is Sabecous gland which releases sebum at puberty. Hence, acne results.Sometimes. menstruation also caused it. Stress is the major factor for their cause.

    Here are the types of acne. It may be


    It is the plug of sebum released by the Sebaceous gland in a hair follicle, that darkened by the reaction of oxygen with it..


    It can form when the pore walls break down. It is filled with pus. They develop bumps that come out from the skin.


    When the swollen pores are further grown larger and cause irritation then this exists. It is present deep underneath the skin.


    When the inflammation occurred on the skin then the pore walls break down. This makes the pores harder and tough.


    These are the combination of bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells. They are present even below the nodules.

    The Home Remedies For AcneHow does Acne treat by Home Remedies:

    Home remedies are used to treat the acne. It is the big problem that faced by the female. It is because female’s first choice is their beauty. So, following are the remedies that described below:


    Our whole body is dependent on water. It deals many problems of our body including skin disorders.  If you drink  7-8 glass of water in a day then this makes your skin as healthy as you desire. The water shows its effects when it drinks in a proper way like drink one glass after an hour.

    Vegetables and fruits:

    Intake uncooked vegetables are the best remedy for the skin problems. It makes your skin active and quite healthy. Also, fruits have its own importance. Eat all the type of vegetables and fruits. Its really responsible for the best skin.


    Lemon is full of nutrition. The best part of lemon is its pile but lemon juice also very essential on its nutritious value. It is disinfectant and deals with the scars. Rub the lemon on your skin and washed it after 15 minutes.

    Green tea:

    This tea is the full package of nutrients. It has antioxidants that provide a good response. Apply green tea on your face in order to remove the acne.

    Fish oil supplements:

    Omega 3-fatty acids are stored in the fish. The supplements of fish oil also contained it. They play a positive role in our body. They make us healthy. It is good not only for skin but also for the hairs. So, intake one supplement per day.

    Nutmeg and milk:

    Nutmeg is full of Vitamin C and other essential ingredients. It is used in the treatment of acne. You can mixed nutmeg into the milk and apply on the skin.

    Aloe Vera Gel:

    Aloe vera is the plant that is full of gel. Application of its gel on the face reduced the inflammation and makes the skin moist. Apply about 3-4 times in a day.

    Apple Cider Vinegar:

    This is the vinegar that is made from Apple. It contains organic acid which imparts good response to skin problems. But use in a proper proportion because it is irritating one. Mixed 1/2 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar into the  3 spoon of water. Apply it on the skin only for 10-15 seconds then washed your face properly.

    Cinnamon powder band Honey:

    Honey and Cinnamon are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Both items deal with the skin problems. Add 2 spoons of honey into 1 spoon of cinnamon powder. Apply on the skin after vigorous mixing. Washed after 15 minutes.

    Mint and Yogurt:

    Yogurt is made up of good bacteria. These bacteria fight with bad bacteria so reduces the acne. Mint also has soothing effects and good for the skin. So, mixed both of them and application of this mixture really makes your skin acne-free.

    Orange and Banana peel:

    The vitamin C plays a very important role in the treatment of skin problems. It is present in the orange peel. Take the orange peel, exposing these to the sun. Then grind and mixed with water. Apply on the skin for 15 minutes. and washed. You can also directly apply banana peel on the skin. It really reduced the acne.


    Aspirin is a medicine which contains salicylic acid. It is anti-inflammatory and causes the dryness of pimples. Mash full pill into 2 tbs of water and apply on the skin. Then washed your face.

    Whitening Toothpaste:

    Whitening toothpaste has the ability to reduce a pimple and inflammation. Application of it directly to affected area reduces the acne.

    Tea tree oil:

    The presence of harmful bacteria on the skin stimulates the skin to suffer from the acne. This oil kills all the unwanted microorganisms. For this, Add 1 part of tea tree oil into the 9 part of water. Then apply on the skin for few minutes then washed your face.


    It is concluded that skin is a sensitive part that demands a great care from us. If demands are not fulfilled then acne exists. Its proper treatment is hidden in the remedies that really respond. So, use them for better results. Hope you like the article and it delivers you a lot.

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  • How Psoriasis does treat by Home Remedies?

    How Psoriasis does treat by Home Remedies?

    Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. Today the topic for discussion is Psoriasis.


    Health is one of the best ever blessing of God. the great care of the health is necessary. Let’s talk about Psoriasis Which is a quite horrible disease.

    It is the chronic autoimmune inflammatory skin, joints and nails disorder that marked by red, itchy, scaly patches. The production of skin cells occurs in the deepest region of the skin. Then they rise up to the surface and falls off. About it takes a month to complete this process. But the skin, of a person, that surfacing from the Psoriasis, stimulates the rapid production of the skin cells. The speed of production of cells exceeds their limits. they are not shed off when rises up on the skin surface. This disease says welcome to other diseases. This disease does not contagious. But it can move from one generation to another generation.  Both genders are affected equally by this disease. Mostly, it is initiated by some environmental pollutant or triggers. This disease affects people of any age.

    How Psoriasis does treat by Home Remedies?


    Here we discuss the types of Psoriasis:

    Plaque Psoriasis:

    Research indicates that about 80% of people that are suffering from Psoriasis have this type. This type mostly found on scalp, knees, and elbow. It develops the inflamed spots on the skin which are red in color.

    Erythrodermic Psoriasis:

    This type of Psoriasis is rarer one that covers the large section of the body. The person that effects from this type become sick like a fever.

    Inverse Psoriasis:

    It is the type of the Psoriasis which makes the skin red, inflamed, shiny and bright. This found on breast and under armpits.

    Pustular Psoriasis:

    Adults people get this type of  Psoriasis mostly. This found on the hands and feet.  It turns the skin white and pus filled.

    Guttate Psoriasis:

    This type of  Psoriasis affects the children. This found on arm, legs, and torso. It develops pink spots on the skin of the child.

    Cause of Psoriasis:

    Here are the causes of the  Psoriasis:

    • Hormonal changes
    • Difficult digesting protein
    • poor liver function
    • Increase in White blood cells
    • Increase in skin cell
    • Cuts
    • Autoimmune condition
    • Strep infection
    • Family history
    • Enlargement of blood vessels
    • Surgery
    • Vitamin D deficiency
    • Accumulation of skin cells on the surface
    • Obesity
    • Smoking and drinking Alcohol

    Symptoms of Psoriasis:

    Some people show symptoms but some people don’t show any symptoms. Followings are the symptoms of psoriasis:

    • Red thick spots on the body
    • Burning
    • Painful and swollen joints
    • Itching
    • Lesions on the body
    • Dry skin
    • Soreness around patches


    This can be diagnosed by the doctor by a simple examination. It checks your skin or the condition tells all the things. But if there exists difficulty in its diagnosis then small piece of the skin cut down and sent to a lab for examination.

    Treatment of Psoriasis:

    Following treatments are used in order to treat this disease:

    • Light therapy
    • Biological treatment
    • Inhabitation of enzymes
    • Retinoids
    • Vitamin D cream

    Light therapy:

    In this therapy, the doctor uses UV radiations. This radiation falls on the affected area of skin. It has an effect on the unlimited growth of skin cells. It limits its overproduction.


    It is the synthetic form of Vitamin A that used to treat  Psoriasis. It is used in the serious cases because it has many side effects.

    Inhabitation of enzymes:

    A drug injected into the body that caused the inhibition of the enzyme that stimulated the overproduction of cells.

    Biological treatment:

    This treatment is applied in order to control the immune system. It is an autoimmune disease.

    Vitamin D cream:

    This cream contains vitamin D. Our skin also make up this vitamin. So, its application on the skin helped to get the recovery.

    Home Remedies For Psoriasis:

    This best treatment for this disease is hidden in the Home Remedies. It really works and leaves positive effects. Here are the remedies:


    The best remedy for the health of skin is the water. Our 80% body depends on it. It is the major health factor for us. So, drink 7-8 glass of water.


    It is essential to keep the skin moisture. Even if you are not suffering from this disease, keep it moist. But the Psoriasis patient must keep the skin moist otherwise you remain uncomfortable/ Dermarest Psoriasis mediated moisturizer is used.

    Aloe vera:

    It is full of anti-inflammatory and healing compounds. Its application will fight with psoriasis.


    Eat a healthy diet in order to provide health to your body to get proper health. So, eat

    • Eggs
    • Milk
    • Fish
    • Yogurt
    • Orange juice
    • Grains
    • Carrots
    • Tomatoes
    • etc


    It is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants. So, its used help to Cure Psoriasis. Add half spoon of turmeric into the water in order to make a thick paste then apply it.


    These are full of omega 3-fatty acids that helped your body to deal with various problems like psoriasis.

    Coconut oil:

    This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It also moisturized the skin. You can use it in your food. Also, you can apply it directly to your skin.

    Castor oil:

    Mixing castor oil with some essential oil proves a good remedy for the treatment of psoriasis.

    Peppermint oil:

    Peppermint oil is used in order to get the relief from the itching that caused by

    Coconut oil:

    This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturized the skin. It is best for plaque psoriasis. You can use it in your food. Also, you can apply it directly to your skin.

    Black cumin seed oil:

    This oil is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. It deals with great issues of skin. So, mostly this oil is suggested for the treatment of psoriasis.

    Castor oil:

    Mixing castor oil with some essential oil proves very good for the application on the psoriasis patients.

    Peppermint oil:

    The relief from itching and pain of psoriasis, peppermint oil is recommended.


    So, it is concluded that this disease is the horrible one. It is the mother of many diseases. But can be reduced or prevented by using above mentioned remedies. Hope you like it.

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  • Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

    Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. The topic for discussion is Hemorrhoid.


    The great miracle of nature is the creation of Human being. When we look at the formation of the human body then it is exposed that the body consists of many systems like:

    • Digestive system
    • Respiratory system
    • Circulatory system
    • Excretory system
    • Reproductive system

    These systems are responsible for the proper working of a body. Here we talk about Digestive system. There are various stations exists in this system that may be:

    • Esophagus
    • Stomach
    • Small Intestine
    • Large Intestine
    • Rectum

    The today’s topic is concerned with the rectum. It is the part of the digestive system that stores the feces for a temporary time. Then the undigested waste discards through the anus.  The rectum is composed of two muscles:

    • The outer muscle is Sphincter muscle
    • The inner muscle is Smooth muscle

    There is a great number of blood vessels are present in it. So, a good supply of blood available here. When the blood vessels are stretched then a bulged is produced to the lower region of the rectum that termed as Hemorrhoid. It is also called piles. This outgrowth is filled with the blood and very irritating one. The sufferer is not feeling easy during sitting and bowel movements.

    There are two types of Hemorrhoids:

    • External Hemorrhoid:

    The piles that are present under the skin of Rectum is called external Hemorrhoid. They are visible. They lead to severe pain and bleeding.

    • Internal Hemorrhoid:

    The piles that are present inside the Rectum is called Internal Hemorrhoid. This Hemorrhoid is not visible remains on the inner surfaces of the Rectum. They cause bleeding but the pain is not felt.

    • Mucus discharge:

    Mucus is discharge through hemorrhoid. The Sufferer feels that his rectum is not empty even of the excretion. It is really a painful condition.

    Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

    Causes of Hemorrhoids: 

    Here are the causes of piles:


    This disease can be inherited.


    The people with unwanted fats and low level of fibers develop this disease.


    Anal sex between two opposite genders may lead to the Piles.

    Lifting and sitting:

    The people that lift heavy things continuously develop this disease. Also, spending more time on the toilet like constipation or diarrhea leads to piles.

    Pregnancy period:

    During pregnancy, the uterus applies pressure that is also a cause of piles.


    The use of medicines in excess amount cause the piles.


    When a blockage occurs in the natural menstrual cycle causes piles.

    Symptoms of Hemorrhoids:

    Here are certain symptoms of the piles or hemorrhoid:

    • Discomforts
    • Swelling
    • Bleeding during excretion
    • Itching in the affected area
    • Irritation  in the anal area
    • Unintentional leak out of stool
    • Severe pain around the anus
    • Outgrowth formation

    Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids:

    Here are the remedies that used to get rid of hemorrhoids:


    Water is the most important constituent of our body. Many of diseases caused due to the less uptake of water. Our body is made up of water. So, it is the demand of our body to drink 7-8 glass of water. It deals with this disease.


    It is the good source of dietary fibers. Boiled the slices of the beetroot in the water. In the morning before breakfast drink this water daily. It is the best remedy for the Piles treatment.

    Aloe vera gel:

    This gel is full of anti-inflammatory power. Just application of this gel on the affected area reduces the piles much.

    Episome salt:

    Mixed episome salt well with the glycerine. Then apply it on the gauze pad and put it on the affected area suffering from piles.


    It is the best dry fruit that is full of minerals and soluble fibers. Take 4-5 piece of Figs, soaked in the water at night. Then drink this water in the morning. This remedy is not only useful in order to cure the piles But also prevent the attack of piles again.

    Pomegranate juice:

    The pomegranate juice is full of folate, antioxidants. Drink this twice a day. It is the best natural treatment to say bye bye to the piles.

    Lemon juice and Olive oil:

    Add 10 drops of the lemon juice and 1 tbs of olive oil in the luke-warm water and drink it in the morning.

    Radish-honey mixture:

    Mixed 1 spoon of honey into crushed reddish. Mixed well and eat it.

    Olive oil:

    Intake of one spoon of this oil in a day proves very good for the treatment of the piles.

    Almond oil:

    Apply almond oil to the affected area because it kills germs present the and reduced itching.

    Tea tree oil:

    This oil has the ability to kills the microbes. So, apply few drops of this oil on the affected area to treat the piles.

    Cypress oil:

    The application of 3-4 drops of this oil on the affected area deals with this problem.

    Coconut oil:

    This oil stores the properties that prevent piles. So, application of this oil on the affected area prevent itching, swelling and inflammation etc.


    So, it is concluded that hemorrhoids are the irritating disease that should be treated in a proper manner. The use of remedies is best for such disease. So, use above mentioned remedies to say farewell to this disease.Hopefully, you enjoyed this article while reading and, of course, it fulfilled your demands.

    Stay tuned….. Thank you!

  • Health Benefits Of Carrots

    Health Benefits Of Carrots

    Hello! Here is Adan Siddiqui. Today the topic for discussion is Health Benefits Of Carrots.


    Nature attracts me a lot. It blessed us with His great Blessings. Have you ever thought that why Nature blessed you? Interesting question, Hmmm….. obviously, It loves you. Carrot is one of his great reward for us. Say thanks. So, Come back to our topic which is Carrot. It is the perfect vegetable that has sweet in taste. It is crunchy and full of nutrients. It is a complete source of water. About 85-95% water presents in a single carrot. It is full of carbohydrates. Some amount of fats and proteins present in it. Pectin which is the fiber present in Carrot. Vitamins A, B6, K stores in it. The major components exist in the carrot is the Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene, Lycopene.

    Health Benefits Of CarrotsHealth Benefits Of Carrots:

    Carrot provides you a lot of benefits. Here is the detail note on its benefits:


    Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of normal body cell. It may be Benign and malignant. This benign is localized to one place only but Malignant is delocalized and proliferate to other parts of the body. It is the most dangerous form of cancer. It may cause death if remains untreated. Carrot fights cancer because it is full of carotenoids. The patients add it to their diet.

    Blood Pressure:

    The blood runs in our veins at moderate speed. But when the speed of blood exceeds its considered limit then the term high B.P. is used. Eating carrot maintains the speed of the blood. It has the low level of cholesterol in it.


    It is the major problem in the world. When unwanted fats accumulate in the body then it leads to the condition called obesity. This should be treated well in order to lead a happy life. Carrot is the best for weight loss. It makes your body to take fewer calories.


    When there is the high level of sugar in the blood then it leads to a condition called Diabetes. Carrot is the best diet for a diabetic patient. It deals with it and also prevents your body to suffered from this disease.

    Immune system:

    The system that protects us from the horrible diseases called immune system. There is a war that disputes in between this system and the germs that entered in your body. Carrot makes your body strong enough to fight with the foreign particles because it is full of antioxidants.

    Health Benefits Of Carrots


    Eyes are the most attractive part of our body. Everyone wants to make the eyes as charming as they want. Dull eyes attract no one. Especially it is the big issue for the ladies. So, eyes can be made beautiful by eating carrots because it is full of Carotenoids.


    Teeth are present behind the lips. They helped us in the chewing process. We daily eat different sort of foods. The mouth is the source of the transformation of germs inside the body. The teeth become decay and plague. Eating of carrots makes your mouth germ free and also impart positive effects on your teeth.


    Proper health is maintained by proper digestion. Carrot facilitates the digestive process because it is full of fibers. It smooths the bowel movement also.


    Skin is the outer layer of our body. Its proper health is essential. This skin faces the different problems like a wound. So, a carrot is the treatment of a skin. It is full of Beta-carotene that is responsible for the healing process of a skin.


    Getting strong, long and shining hair is the desired of every person. The vitamins that are present in the carrot improves the growth of the hairs. So, the people with weakened hair should eat a carrot.


    It is the big no biggest problems for the ladies. But recently I proved wrong, The men also worried about their age. So, guys start eating the carrot because it has Beta-carotene which acts as anti-ageing agent. 

    Cleansing of the body:

    Everything demands us to keep it clean. It is natural. In the same manner, Carrot act as a cleanser for our body. Intake of this vegetable removes toxins present in the body and makes you clean and healthy.

    Memory loss:

    There are many people that have a poor memory. They forget what they did. Carrot is the big blessings for them.nancy It improves the memory and also prevents the memory from loss.


    If the bones strong then you are strong. The presence of vitamin C in the carrot makes the bone stronger. So, we should focus on this vegetable and add it to your diet.


    When a women carried a life inside her body then this woman is called as the pregnant and whole process is termed as pregnancy. It lasts for 280 days. Eating carrot in this condition protects the fetus from being miscarried. So, pregnant ladies must eat the carrots.


    It is confessed by us that this vegetable is actually the big favour of Nature. It really good for our body. Researcher accepted that what we discuss above. So, include it in your diet. So, This article delivers you a lot, Hopefully.

    Stay tuned…… Thank you!

  • Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil 

    Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil 

    Hello! Here is Adan Siddiqui. The today topic for discussion is Lavender essential oil.


    Buddies….Have you ever talked about essential oils? There are many essential oils but this article is only dedicated to Lavender essential oil.

    Lavender is the strewing floral herb that has great soothing fragrance. It belongs to Lamiaceae that is a mint family. The best place for the growth of this herb is an open area with proper interruption of the sun. It is called Lavendula Angustifolia by science. It has a strong sweet smell that repels the insects. This sweet smell has the ability to overcome the foul smell. It plays a very important role in the pollination process. It is versatile in its nature.Lavender essential oil is the oil of Lavender herb that obtained by the steam distillation process of flower spikes of this herb. This oil has great importance due to its useful effects on the human body.

    Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil 

    Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil:

    Everything that exists around us is the gift of Nature.And, Of course,  One of the best gifts of nature is Lavender oil. It is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifying, hypotensive and sedative in its properties. Here are the benefits of this oil:


    It is the sleeping disorder in which patient faces difficulty in falling asleep and also stay in the sleepy condition. The patients usually walk when they are sleeping. So, again going back to the sleep is too much difficult for the suffering one. But Nature solved this problem by blessing us Lavender oil. It induces sleep. It maintains the proper sleep. Instead of taking of sleeping pills, you should replace it with this oil.


    Stress is the respond of the body to any situations. It may be positive and negative. The positive stress motivates us to do our best. But if we talk about negative stress, yes, It is dangerous and should treat well by using Lavender oil. It has a soothing effect that deals with your stress.

    A migraine and Headache:

    A migraine is an acute pain usually attacks the one side of the head.But a headache is a mild or severe pain that attached the neck and head. If these left untreated then will lead to depression. Lavender oil has strong effects on the nerves and makes them fresh. So, it is a source to prevent them.


    Different pain like a backache, muscle ache and other pains are well treated by the lavender oil. Only gently massage the affected area with this oil. It causes the relief from the certain pains.

    Urine problems:

    This oil is very good for the urinary disorder. It also deals with the inflammation in the urinary bladder.

    Respiratory diseases:

    The problem in the air passage tract and lungs are called respiratory diseases. Lavender oil is helpful in the treatment of this type of disease. You can apply this oil to the throat chest and back. You can also inhale this oil through the inhaler.


    It is the disease in which the level of sugar in the blood is increased to a high level. It is the chronic disease. The use of Lavender oil protects your body from the Diabetes.

    Immune system:

    It is the system of the body that protects us from the attacking disease-causing germs. Any damage to it leads to a severe condition of our body. Its proper care is necessary, so, wrapped a blanket around it. Its funny but you can do this with the use of the Lavender oil. It really does the same. It is antibacterial and antiviral so deals with the germs.


    The food that we eat proceeds in a process called digestion. The proper digestion leads to a healthy life. The use of the Lavender oil makes the digestion proper. It also helped the body to produce the enzymes and juices that requires the digestion.


    It is the problem of skin that damaged the oil gland and hair follicles of the skin.In this, dead skin cells are exposed that darkens the affected area of the skin. This oil has the ability to reduce and prevent the acne because it is antibacterial and antiseptic in its nature. You can apply this oil on the affected skin by using a cotton piece for acne.


    It is the skin disease in which skin exposed to inflammation and suffers from itching, rash, and redness. It is also known as Dermatitis. Mostly, Lavender oil is suggested for this condition. This oil not only reduces itching but also boots up the body’s natural healing process.


    Hairs are the most charming beauty of the ladies. But also for gentlemen, aren’t??? Well, It is true that everyone wants his/her hair as strong and beautiful as his/her demands. But usually, the people suffering from the hair loss or the hair does not grow properly. LAnbder oil is the solution to the problem. Only massage small quantity of this oil on the roots of the hairs then see results.


    The skin is exposed all the time to the environmental pollutants. The skin is damaging as the day goes. In order to detoxify the skin, Lavender oil is recommended. It is full of antioxidants and detoxifying agent.


    It is concluded that Lavender oil is one of the great miracles of Nature. It is full of the blessings. I think there is no house that is without this oil. Researchers indicated all the benefits of the oil that described above. This is the solution to many problems tath you are facing. Hopefully, this article delivers you a lot.

    Stay tuned….. Thank you!!!

  • Belly Button Infection

    belly button Infection

    Hello! Here is Adan Siddiqui. The today topic for discussion is Belly Button Infection.


    Hey guys…… I’m here to tell you everything about belly button and its infection. Look at your belly button, How beautiful it is.Isn’t??? Don’t laugh. When you are in the body of your Mum, you are connected to her through Bellybutton. How beautiful this relation is. Your birth causes the connection to lost present between Mum and you. At the time of your birth cutting of placenta occurs that caused the first injury to you. This injury recovered after one week. This is present in the center of your belly and, of course, the most important and sensitive part of the human being’s body. It is deep, dark and dump. It is said that millions of veins are attached to it. So, It is the site of recovery of many diseases. it is the cultural habit of Arabic to apply oil before sleep at night.

    Then, What is Belly button infection??? Yes, when the germs, present in the bellybutton, start to multiply then it causes the infection. It is a common infection that influenced the number of people. Mostly, the persons that remain their navel unclean is exposed to the infections.

    belly button Infection

    There are many causes of this infection like:

    Bacterial infection

    The best site for the bacteria growth is the BellyButton. It is said that about 70 different types of bacteria exist in the navel. These germs cause infection and hence some fluid discharge.

    Yeast infection

    Candida is the name of a yeast that grown in the dark areas of the body like navel and developed the infection. You feel red, itching rashes on your navel.

    Urachal cyst

    Urachus is the small tube which connects the baby bladder to his/her mother before birth. It is closed before birth but sometimes it is unable to close and develop a cyst. Hence, this cyst is infected and release blood or cloudy like fluid from the bellybutton.


    Diabetic people are more exposed to bellybutton infections than normal ones. It is because some germs feed on the sugar, so, they developed the infection.

    Sebaceous cyst 

    Sebaceous is the gland present in the body that produces a bump inside the navel. When this is infected then it causes the release of foul-smelling fluid.


    When some person experienced the abdominal surgery then, after surgery, patient notices the discharge of pus from the navel.

    belly button Infection


    Here are some symptoms that tell you about the infection:

    • Fever
    • Pain during urination
    • Soreness in the  abdomen
    • Belly button turns red
    • Tenderness
    • Burning sensation
    • Swelling
    • feeling warmly on the navel

    belly button InfectionHow to treat the BellyButton Infection:

    The infection occurs in the navel demands us a great care and proper treatment. Here are some treatment recommended that helped you to get rid of the infections.


    Water is the best for our body. It removes all the waste and dangerous material present in our body. Also, our body directly dependent on the water. So, intake plenty of water at least 10 glass per day.

    Water-salt solution:

    In order to prevent the navel from the infection or reduce the infection, it is essential to keep it neat and clean. Take some luke-warm water and add 1 teaspoon of salts. Mix well to form a solution then take a cotton piece dipped into this lukewarm solution. Rubbed the area with this cotton slowly. Repeat this process twice a day.

    Tea tree oil and olive oil:

    This is effective for the treatment of navel infection. Take one teaspoon of olive oil. Add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil into it. Mix well. Take a cotton piece, dipped into it then apply on the navel.


    Alcohol has the antiseptic property that deals with the germs effectively. For this rubbed the navel with cotton soaked in the alcohol. Repeat it several times in a day.

    Vinegar-water solution:

    Vinegar is also effective in the fight against the germs. Mix one spoon of vinegar into 2-3 tablespoon of water. Soaked the cotton in this solution. Clean the area with this. Left it for 5-10 minutes then clean the area with warm water.

    Aloe vera gel:

    Aloe vera gel is the best blessing of nature. It is effective in the treatment of the navel infections. Apply the Aloe vera gel to the navel. Left it to dry then after sometime clean the area.


    Turmeric has the great healing power. It is the antibiotic on its property. Make a mixture by mixing water with a turmeric powder then apply on the navel. Dried it and washed it.

    Coconut oil:

    This oil has the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Apply coconut oil on the navel. It helped in the healing process of the body to deal with the infection.


    Allicin is the major product of the garlic that makes it prominent. It is antibacterial and kills the germs efficiently. Take few crushed cloves of garlic mixed with the coconut or mustard oil. Apply this on the bellybutton. If you experienced the burning sensation after using this, then reduces the amount of garlic in this mixture.

    Calendula herb:

    It is the herb that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Take few flowers then extract the juice and apply on the navel. If fresh Calendula is not available then you can also use Calendula Lotion.

    Prevention of the Bellybutton infection:

    • Clean up the area during bathing
    • Don’t  scratch the affected area
    • Don’t exert pressure on the belly button
    • Eat food that reduces or prevent  the infections
    • Take precautions when you are suffering from the infection.


    It is concluded that belly button is the most caring center of a human body. If this site is free from infection then it is the sign of your health. But the infection in the navel leads to serious problems. So, whenever you are suffering from the infection fellow the instruction described above. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article while reading and, of course, it fulfilled your demands.

    Stay tuned….. Thank you!