The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

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Sleep… A wonderful blessing of Nature. When you fall asleep then you are in your own world. There is no one who teases you or pesters you. You did in your sleep what you would like to do. When you get up then you are tension free. You are as free of thought as you are born now. Researchers indicate that man spend about 1/3 life in a sleepy condition. Also, said that the sleep deprivation is more and instantly killing than food deprivation. A normal person will fall into the sleep after 15 minutes after going to bed.

On the other hand, sleep is the demand of your immune system. The weakness of immune system stimulates you to fall in sleep. During sleep, the immune system gets energy in order to protect the body against the antigens or germs. Your brain relaxes and ready for new thoughts.

But there are certain cases in which people are unable to fall in sleep. They spend their whole night without sleep. In this way, they are uninterested people. They did work with laziness and gets many diseases. They also become the victim of depression. Melatonin and Serotonin are the chemicals that cause sleep. But maybe they are produced in very less amount in the body of affected peoples. There are 15% of people in the world that walk during sleep.

The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

The Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly:

Here is the description of certain food that enhances the sleep of the people that are less sleepy. So, let’s go…

Dairy articles:

Calcium is the prominent ingredient in Dairy articles like milk, cheese, yogurt. Also, this stimulates the brain to use up the Tryptophan and make a person fall in sleep. It really does this. These milk and milk products are responsible for the proper activity of body function.


Fish is the most important food in a human diet. Fish are full of Vitamin B6 and omega 3- fatty acids. Intake of fish causes the formation of Melatonin. It enhances the sleep and reduced your stress level.


Tryptophan is the sleep-inducing amino acids. They are present in the walnuts. Eating of walnuts stimulates you to fall into a sleep.


Rice is full of  Glycemic index that promotes the sleep. The people that eat much rice have a good sleep. They are quite healthy. But its digestion depends upon the water.

Cherry juice:

The cherry juice is full of nutrients. The person that drink this juice on the daily bases experienced a peaceful sleep. It makes the body to use the Melatonin for better sleep.


Carbohydrates are the main nutrient of cereals. They really provide you a good health. They also provide strength to immune system because the enhances the sleep very much.

Chamomile tea:

It is the tea of Chamomile. The intake of this tea raises the level of glycine. It has sedatives properties which cause the relaxation of your nerves. So, intake this tea for a good sleep.


Honey is the great gift of Nature that is made up of honey bees. It acts on the beta cells of the pancreas that stimulates the release of insulin. This acts on the Tryptophan and then sleepy you are.

Green vegetables:

Green vegetables are full of calcium that stimulates the brain to use up the Tryptophan and make a person fall in sleep. Greater the intake of green vegetables, greater will be the strength of your body.

Sweet potatoes:

Potatoes are full Calcium, potassium, and magnesium. They cause the body to undergo a good sleep. They affect the chemicals that cause sleep.


Vitamin B6 and calcium are abundant in the prunes. It is the second name of health. It is full of nutrient. They are also responsible for your good sleep.


Bananas stored magnesium and potassium in it. They also the natural cause of release of ethylene that ripened them. Eating bananas not only make you healthy but also induce sleep.


Eggs provide you great health. They are full of Vitamin D that stimulate the hormone which induces the sleep. Hence they are also a good source of getting sleep.


So, it is concluded that bad sleep is nothing but a way to stress, tension, and unwanted thoughts. So, follow all above remedies to get a proper sleep. if your sleep is happy then your body is happy. This means that you are happy. Hopefully, you like it.

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