Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. The topic for discussion is Hemorrhoid.


The great miracle of nature is the creation of Human being. When we look at the formation of the human body then it is exposed that the body consists of many systems like:

  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Circulatory system
  • Excretory system
  • Reproductive system

These systems are responsible for the proper working of a body. Here we talk about Digestive system. There are various stations exists in this system that may be:

  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine
  • Rectum

The today’s topic is concerned with the rectum. It is the part of the digestive system that stores the feces for a temporary time. Then the undigested waste discards through the anus.  The rectum is composed of two muscles:

  • The outer muscle is Sphincter muscle
  • The inner muscle is Smooth muscle

There is a great number of blood vessels are present in it. So, a good supply of blood available here. When the blood vessels are stretched then a bulged is produced to the lower region of the rectum that termed as Hemorrhoid. It is also called piles. This outgrowth is filled with the blood and very irritating one. The sufferer is not feeling easy during sitting and bowel movements.

There are two types of Hemorrhoids:

  • External Hemorrhoid:

The piles that are present under the skin of Rectum is called external Hemorrhoid. They are visible. They lead to severe pain and bleeding.

  • Internal Hemorrhoid:

The piles that are present inside the Rectum is called Internal Hemorrhoid. This Hemorrhoid is not visible remains on the inner surfaces of the Rectum. They cause bleeding but the pain is not felt.

  • Mucus discharge:

Mucus is discharge through hemorrhoid. The Sufferer feels that his rectum is not empty even of the excretion. It is really a painful condition.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Causes of Hemorrhoids: 

Here are the causes of piles:


This disease can be inherited.


The people with unwanted fats and low level of fibers develop this disease.


Anal sex between two opposite genders may lead to the Piles.

Lifting and sitting:

The people that lift heavy things continuously develop this disease. Also, spending more time on the toilet like constipation or diarrhea leads to piles.

Pregnancy period:

During pregnancy, the uterus applies pressure that is also a cause of piles.


The use of medicines in excess amount cause the piles.


When a blockage occurs in the natural menstrual cycle causes piles.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids:

Here are certain symptoms of the piles or hemorrhoid:

  • Discomforts
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding during excretion
  • Itching in the affected area
  • Irritation  in the anal area
  • Unintentional leak out of stool
  • Severe pain around the anus
  • Outgrowth formation

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids:

Here are the remedies that used to get rid of hemorrhoids:


Water is the most important constituent of our body. Many of diseases caused due to the less uptake of water. Our body is made up of water. So, it is the demand of our body to drink 7-8 glass of water. It deals with this disease.


It is the good source of dietary fibers. Boiled the slices of the beetroot in the water. In the morning before breakfast drink this water daily. It is the best remedy for the Piles treatment.

Aloe vera gel:

This gel is full of anti-inflammatory power. Just application of this gel on the affected area reduces the piles much.

Episome salt:

Mixed episome salt well with the glycerine. Then apply it on the gauze pad and put it on the affected area suffering from piles.


It is the best dry fruit that is full of minerals and soluble fibers. Take 4-5 piece of Figs, soaked in the water at night. Then drink this water in the morning. This remedy is not only useful in order to cure the piles But also prevent the attack of piles again.

Pomegranate juice:

The pomegranate juice is full of folate, antioxidants. Drink this twice a day. It is the best natural treatment to say bye bye to the piles.

Lemon juice and Olive oil:

Add 10 drops of the lemon juice and 1 tbs of olive oil in the luke-warm water and drink it in the morning.

Radish-honey mixture:

Mixed 1 spoon of honey into crushed reddish. Mixed well and eat it.

Olive oil:

Intake of one spoon of this oil in a day proves very good for the treatment of the piles.

Almond oil:

Apply almond oil to the affected area because it kills germs present the and reduced itching.

Tea tree oil:

This oil has the ability to kills the microbes. So, apply few drops of this oil on the affected area to treat the piles.

Cypress oil:

The application of 3-4 drops of this oil on the affected area deals with this problem.

Coconut oil:

This oil stores the properties that prevent piles. So, application of this oil on the affected area prevent itching, swelling and inflammation etc.


So, it is concluded that hemorrhoids are the irritating disease that should be treated in a proper manner. The use of remedies is best for such disease. So, use above mentioned remedies to say farewell to this disease.Hopefully, you enjoyed this article while reading and, of course, it fulfilled your demands.

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