How Psoriasis does treat by Home Remedies?

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Health is one of the best ever blessing of God. the great care of the health is necessary. Let’s talk about Psoriasis Which is a quite horrible disease.

It is the chronic autoimmune inflammatory skin, joints and nails disorder that marked by red, itchy, scaly patches. The production of skin cells occurs in the deepest region of the skin. Then they rise up to the surface and falls off. About it takes a month to complete this process. But the skin, of a person, that surfacing from the Psoriasis, stimulates the rapid production of the skin cells. The speed of production of cells exceeds their limits. they are not shed off when rises up on the skin surface. This disease says welcome to other diseases. This disease does not contagious. But it can move from one generation to another generation.  Both genders are affected equally by this disease. Mostly, it is initiated by some environmental pollutant or triggers. This disease affects people of any age.

How Psoriasis does treat by Home Remedies?


Here we discuss the types of Psoriasis:

Plaque Psoriasis:

Research indicates that about 80% of people that are suffering from Psoriasis have this type. This type mostly found on scalp, knees, and elbow. It develops the inflamed spots on the skin which are red in color.

Erythrodermic Psoriasis:

This type of Psoriasis is rarer one that covers the large section of the body. The person that effects from this type become sick like a fever.

Inverse Psoriasis:

It is the type of the Psoriasis which makes the skin red, inflamed, shiny and bright. This found on breast and under armpits.

Pustular Psoriasis:

Adults people get this type of  Psoriasis mostly. This found on the hands and feet.  It turns the skin white and pus filled.

Guttate Psoriasis:

This type of  Psoriasis affects the children. This found on arm, legs, and torso. It develops pink spots on the skin of the child.

Cause of Psoriasis:

Here are the causes of the  Psoriasis:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Difficult digesting protein
  • poor liver function
  • Increase in White blood cells
  • Increase in skin cell
  • Cuts
  • Autoimmune condition
  • Strep infection
  • Family history
  • Enlargement of blood vessels
  • Surgery
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Accumulation of skin cells on the surface
  • Obesity
  • Smoking and drinking Alcohol

Symptoms of Psoriasis:

Some people show symptoms but some people don’t show any symptoms. Followings are the symptoms of psoriasis:

  • Red thick spots on the body
  • Burning
  • Painful and swollen joints
  • Itching
  • Lesions on the body
  • Dry skin
  • Soreness around patches


This can be diagnosed by the doctor by a simple examination. It checks your skin or the condition tells all the things. But if there exists difficulty in its diagnosis then small piece of the skin cut down and sent to a lab for examination.

Treatment of Psoriasis:

Following treatments are used in order to treat this disease:

  • Light therapy
  • Biological treatment
  • Inhabitation of enzymes
  • Retinoids
  • Vitamin D cream

Light therapy:

In this therapy, the doctor uses UV radiations. This radiation falls on the affected area of skin. It has an effect on the unlimited growth of skin cells. It limits its overproduction.


It is the synthetic form of Vitamin A that used to treat  Psoriasis. It is used in the serious cases because it has many side effects.

Inhabitation of enzymes:

A drug injected into the body that caused the inhibition of the enzyme that stimulated the overproduction of cells.

Biological treatment:

This treatment is applied in order to control the immune system. It is an autoimmune disease.

Vitamin D cream:

This cream contains vitamin D. Our skin also make up this vitamin. So, its application on the skin helped to get the recovery.

Home Remedies For Psoriasis:

This best treatment for this disease is hidden in the Home Remedies. It really works and leaves positive effects. Here are the remedies:


The best remedy for the health of skin is the water. Our 80% body depends on it. It is the major health factor for us. So, drink 7-8 glass of water.


It is essential to keep the skin moisture. Even if you are not suffering from this disease, keep it moist. But the Psoriasis patient must keep the skin moist otherwise you remain uncomfortable/ Dermarest Psoriasis mediated moisturizer is used.

Aloe vera:

It is full of anti-inflammatory and healing compounds. Its application will fight with psoriasis.


Eat a healthy diet in order to provide health to your body to get proper health. So, eat

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Yogurt
  • Orange juice
  • Grains
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • etc


It is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants. So, its used help to Cure Psoriasis. Add half spoon of turmeric into the water in order to make a thick paste then apply it.


These are full of omega 3-fatty acids that helped your body to deal with various problems like psoriasis.

Coconut oil:

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It also moisturized the skin. You can use it in your food. Also, you can apply it directly to your skin.

Castor oil:

Mixing castor oil with some essential oil proves a good remedy for the treatment of psoriasis.

Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil is used in order to get the relief from the itching that caused by

Coconut oil:

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturized the skin. It is best for plaque psoriasis. You can use it in your food. Also, you can apply it directly to your skin.

Black cumin seed oil:

This oil is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. It deals with great issues of skin. So, mostly this oil is suggested for the treatment of psoriasis.

Castor oil:

Mixing castor oil with some essential oil proves very good for the application on the psoriasis patients.

Peppermint oil:

The relief from itching and pain of psoriasis, peppermint oil is recommended.


So, it is concluded that this disease is the horrible one. It is the mother of many diseases. But can be reduced or prevented by using above mentioned remedies. Hope you like it.

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