Pregnancy, A Soul Relationship

Hello! This is Adan Siddiqui. Today the topic for discussion is pregnancy.


Pregnancy…. a process that changes the life of the couples much. What a charming feeling it is when a lady develops a life inside her body. She gave birth a life. O, My God!!! speechless…

It is the relationship in which two souls mates for the creation of another soul.

Nature always surprises us. It is the nature that blessed you everything. Pregnancy is one of its blessings. It is the process in which female develops a life inside her body. It is also called Gestation period. This period lasts for 280 days. After fertilization of an egg by the sperm, a zygote is formed. This zygote converted into the embryo. The structure of the body is completed in the early few months. The rest of the months are responsible for the health of the baby.

Surprising facts:

  • After five months, your baby starts to urinate.
  • The size of the uterus is only small peach but during pregnancy, it increases to the size of the watermelon.
  • Pregnancy takes about 9 months.
  • Tall ladies have twins mostly.
  • The production of the Estrogen in a pregnant lady is three times greater than the production of estrogen in the nonpregnant lady.
  • The baby wave and suck his thumb in the pregnancy
  • The blood volume is increased during pregnancy.

Female reproductive structures:

The reproductive structure of females is more complicated than males. Here are the following structures of female:

  • Ovaries
  • Ovarian tube
  • Uterus
  • Cervix
  • Vagina
  • External genitalia


A female has a pair of ovaries. These are situated behind the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum. Ovaries have follicles that produced primary oocyte when Follicular stimulating Hormones releases by pituitary glands. This Primary oocyte converted into the Secondary oocyte.

The follicles moved inward to form a structure called Corpus Luteum. This is responsible for the production of Estrogen and progesterone. When fertilization does not occur then this structure degenerates. Hence, menses occurred.

Ovarian tube:

This is the tube that connects ovaries and uterus. It is the site where fertilization occurred. Then the fertilized egg moved forward.


It is the hollow muscular organ which contained fertilized egg. Placenta established here. The uterus made up of three layers:

  • Perimetrium
  • Myometrium
  • Endometrium



It is the neck of the uterus that connects the uterus with the vagina. It is dilated during delivery.


It is the opening that opens outside. This opening is responsible for the release of menses and also the baby. The hymen is the membrane of the vagina.that may be ruptured during sexual intercourse. But it is not ruptured in some cases. It is because this membrane is hard in some female so that it is not ruptured. But no need to worry about the rupturing because it depends on the sensitivity of your body.

External genitalia:

It consists of:

  • mons pubis
  • Labia majora
  • Labia minora
  • Bartholin glands
  • Clitoris

The organs that are located on the site called as the vulva. This genitalia is responsible for carrying sperms and excretion of urine.

Events of prenatal development:

Following are the event that occurred on the journey of nine months:


When interaction occurs between the male and female then fertilization occurred. This gives rise t a zygote. It lasts for 2 weeks.


The zygote converts into the embryo. It lasts from 2-8 weeks after fertilization. It is the collection of cells. Also, each cell has the ability to form a complete human being.


The embryo converts into the fetus. It lasts from 9 weeks to birth.


When the female gave birth to the fetus then it called a baby.

Trimesters of Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is the process that divides into the three trimesters:

  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester

First Trimester:

In the first trimesters, after fertilization, the zygote converts into the marula after 4 days. This marula converts into the blastula stage. This is called blastocysts. It is the collection of many cells. The outer cells of blastula are Trophocycts that provides nourishment to the developing fetus. The blastocyst implants to the wall of the uterus. There are many hormonal and physical changes occur.

This blastula converts into the gastrula. This is called gastrulation. In this process, only the inner cells of the embryo develop into the baby. While the outer cells only provide nourishment to developing a fetus. Most of the organs are made during this trimester. This is considered the astonished developmental trimester. In this, firstly, embryo converts into the seed, then, into the tadpole that has a tail then into the human.

Second Trimester:

In the second trimester, you feel baby movements. You feel that someone moving inside you. It really an amazing feeling. You even heard the heartbeat of your baby by stethoscope. The weight of the baby goes on increased by the deposition of the fats.

Third Trimester:

The fetus increased in size. It becomes larger. There is a maturation of the organs during the trimester. The fetus usually moved to head down position. There is the development of a respiratory and circulatory system of the fetus also. You feel discomfort as the day of delivery comes close.

Hormones of Pregnancy:

Followings are the hormones that play an important role in the pregnancy:

Estrogen and progesterone hormones:

These are two important hormones that are responsible for the pregnancy. The Corpus luteum which is the structure formed in the ovary causes the release of these hormones. If fertilization is not occurred then this structure disrupted and the level of these hormones fall drastically.But if the fertilization occurs then Brain releases Human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) that protects the Corpus luteum from degeneration.


It is the organ that maintains the pregnancy by implantation and responsible for the exchange of gases, nutrient, and wastes. When the placenta is formed then it takes over the production of the progesterone.

The increased concentration of HCG in the blood. So, urine and HCG immunological test can check for the pregnancy.

Delivery stage:

In this stage, the baby comes out from the female body. This termed as delivery.

  • The muscle of uterus contracts forcefully in order to force the baby outside.
  • The ovaries and placenta release the hormone called relaxin. This causes the relaxation of pelvic bones hence the baby can pass out easily.
  • The pituitary gland of the female release the hormone called Oxytocin while the pituitary gland of the fetus releases the hormone Adrenocorticotropin hormones that release the adrenal gland. This gland releases the steroids. This steroid produces the prostaglandins. It worked with oxytocin at the time of delivery.
  • So, the uterus causes the powerful muscular contraction. It lasts for 2-18 hours.
  • The cervix is dilated at the time of delivery.


Food That Should Eat During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is the sensitive period that requires great care. A proper diet should be maintained during pregnancy. Healthy the food you eat, stronger will be the baby. Here is the description of food that should eat in this period:


The whole body health is dependent on the water. If you drink more water then it maintained your health. It is the major constituent of the body. So, if you are healthy then the incoming soul will also healthy. So, drink plenty of water.

Dairy products:

Our body demands additional calcium during pregnancy. This requirement can meet by eating dairy products. You must eat curd and drink milk. The special substances present in it is casein and whey. They provide great health to the body.


Grains are full of vitamin B, fiber, and magnesium. When the whole grains are eaten by the pregnant lady in a low amount then a baby suffers its results. A pregnant lady should take whole grains for better growth of the baby.


Eggs are full of proteins, fats, and calories. They have choline that is responsible for the essential processes of the baby. The lady that intake low amount of choline then her baby have some neural tube defects. So, eat 2 eggs in a day.


Vegetables are a full package of nutrients. It includes spinach, kale, cabbage, soybeans etc are full of folate, vitamins, fibers, and proteins. The health of the baby demands all these things. If you eat all these vegetables in the starting of the pregnancy then it produced the offspring that is so healthy and energetic.

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene. When it entered the body then it converted into the Vitamin A. This vitamin is responsible for the proper growth. It is suggested to pregnant ladies to increase the intake of Vitamin A.


They are full of laxatives, proteins, and carbohydrates. It regulates bowel movements, improves constipation and maintains digestion.


Dates are enriched with copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin. It plays a very important role in the labor. Eating of dates stimulates the uterine contraction and for labor, it is the best choice.


Fish is the major source of omega 3- fatty acids. This is responsible for the proper development of brain and eyes of the fetus. This is the major diet for the pregnant ladies. A pregnant lady should eat fish 2 times in a week. It really proves beneficial for the baby health.


It is the energy-rich dry fruit that is full of proteins and fibers. Intake of this dry fruit makes the baby more active and healthy one.


Almonds are full of protein, iron, vitamin E. They play a very important role in the development of the brain and provide strength.

Coconut water:

It is full of Vitamin C, fibers and magnesium. Intake of this coconut water is safe to use. It deals with heartburn and constipation during pregnancy.


This is full of folate, vitamins, and magnesium. A pregnant lady should eat it in order to provide great nourishment to the developing babies.


Apple contains fibers, sodium and vitamin C. Eating apple by a pregnant lady keeps her baby healthy and protects the baby from developing asthma in later life.


It is the yellow color fruit that is the richest source of Magnesium. It is responsible for the elimination of the pregnancy fatigue.


Berries are full of water, fiber and Vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for skin health and immune system. Intake of berries provides a great health to a developing baby. So, a pregnant lady should eat them.


They are full of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid. It contains oxidants that are essential for babies. It also prevents constipation.


Vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium are present in the oranges. The danger during pregnancy can be overcome by eating oranges. It also lowers the blood pressure.

Olive oil:

It has vitamins E and K. It is essential during pregnancy. It improves reflexes in the babies. It fights infections. It also responsible for fetal development.

Food That Should Avoid During Pregnancy:

There are many foods that considered harmful for the developing soul. These foods cause miscarriages in most cases. Here are the foods that should not eat during pregnancy:


This is extremely harmful to the fetus. It is because it has emmenagogue effects that trigger the flow of menstrual cycle. Hence, it is leading case of miscarriage. So, avoid its use during pregnancy.


If you are allergic to peanut then avoid its use during pregnancy. It may cause allergy in the fetus. So, not eat this dry fruit.


Papaya contains latex substance that responsible for the contractions of the uterus. The use of this washed out the embryo from the uterus to avoid to use it.

Nigella  seeds:

These seeds are very good for the normal health. But the use of these seeds during pregnancy stop the uterus from contracting and remained it in its place. You should not eat during pregnancy.


Pineapple is the most energetic fruit. It stored a lot of energy in it. The presence of energy may be damaged the developing life. It may cause miscarriage. So, avoid its use during pregnancy.

Raw meat:

The raw meat is the big source of bacteria that caused miscarriage. This spread infection in both bodies of mother and baby. So, the pregnant lady should avoid eating raw meat.

Raw eggs:

Raw eggs are the collection of germs that lead to infections. These infections cause severe damaging to the fetus. So, avoid eating raw eggs and dished made up of raw eggs. Usually, there is increased the risk of getting Salmonella.


This is avoided during pregnancy because it is the leading cause of miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight. Mostly, if it drunk in the first trimester then it must cause miscarriage.


Smoking damaged the lungs a lot. If a pregnant lady smoked then her baby exposed to Asthma and heart problems. So, a smoker mother should avoid smoking, otherwise, the baby suffers a lot.


Alcohol causes miscarriage, stillbirth, and physical disabilities. Alcohol moves into the fetus body and causes various damaging there.


So, it is concluded that really a wonderful experience of the life. This process demands a great care. You should care about yourself because your baby is dependent upon you. Hopefully, You like this article and it delivers you a lot.

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